How to take an inseam measurement

In this video, Paul explains how to take an accurate inseam measurement, a vitally important first step in ensuring you purchase a bike that is the correct size for you.

Video Transcript

How to take an inseam measurement

Hello and welcome to this criterium cycles tutorial. What we’re going to do in this tutorial is ascertain your vital measurements that we need to help ascertain your frame size.


The first thing that we’re going to do is get your inseam measurement. And the second thing we’re going to do is get your overall height.


To do this, I’m going to need an assistant. And that’s where Rosie, my wife is going to come in. And we’ll demonstrate how to do this effectively.


Okay, so we have Rosie here now, and we’re going to now take an accurate inseam measurement and an accurate overall height. Now what’s really important are two things. Number one, please do do these measurements for us. Ddon’t just use what trouser length you are, or what height you think you are, please do take these measurements. The second important thing is to ensure that the measurements are done in centimetres and not feet and inches.


Okay, the next step is the apparatus you’re going to need. And you’re only going to need two things. For this, number one, you’re going to need a tape measure. And number two, you’re going to need something to place in between the legs of the person that you’re measuring for the inseam part.


Now we recommend something that’s got a nice long horizontal line and a good vertical line. So we know that it’s going to be square against the wall, and it’s good to measure. Now I’m just using a number plate here, but whatever you have to hand not a problem at all.


Right so now on to the measurement itself. The first thing is we’re going to need the person to have their shoes off. So just stood in their socks. And the other thing is, is the positioning of the feet. We want them as Rosie’s doing here, nice and just hip width apart. We don’t want them close together. And we don’t want them A framing wide. We just need them nice “hip apart”.


Next thing we’re going to do is the person that you’re measuring places as high as they can go and up against the wall so we’ve got a nice horizontal line to measure to. We’re going to take the tape measure and from the floor, we’re going to measure to the top of the horizontal line and take that measurement which is 77 centimetres. Next thing we’re going to do, Rosie can remove that, we’re going to place the tape measure underneath the foot – if you could just grab that and aid me with that Rosie – that’s great – and up to the top of the head and the overall height is 159 centimetres, so with an inseam of 77 centimetres and an overall height of 159 centimetres, we are able to then ascertain what frame size Rosie is going to be best suited for.