Chain Cleaning & Lubrication (A Five Minute Summary)

This video demonstrates a “real time” fast cleaning of the chain as well as cleaning of the jockey wheels and the rear derailleur. It is designed as a refresher course and assumes you have already watched our detailed tutorial on chain cleaning and lubrication.

Video Transcript

Chain Cleaning & Lubrication (A Five Minute Summary)

Hello, and welcome to this essential maintenance tutorial. This tutorial is a real time fast cleaning of the chain, cleaning of the jockey wheels and the rear derailleur as a refresher. It works alongside our longer essential chain maintenance tutorial. So, the first step is to clean the jockey wheels. The second step is to use the one step on our chain and clean the chain. And then the third is to lubricate the rollers. So, we’re going to do that in one take after the jingle. We’ll see you on the other side.


Okay, so step one is to clean the jockey wheels on the rear derailleur. So, first one, we’re going to put the rag around the load jockey we’ll rotate backwards and we can see all of the dirt that’s being taken off that lower jockey wheel.


We’re going to get another piece of rag around the upper jockey wheel. And again, we’re going to rotate round a few times. And again, we can see what we’ve got off that upper jockey wheel.


So that’s the lower and upper jockey wheels. Now clean. We’re going to take the same rag we’re going to put it into four. We’re going to get our chain cleaner, as we say we use finish line one step in this particular situation. Put the rag underneath the chain –  we then spray into the rag, over the chain, put it down and then wipe back through.


And again, we can see just what gunk has come off that chain. And this section is now clean.


We’re now going to move to the next piece. As I say we’re going to do the full, clean real time because I want you to see that there’s no camera trickery. This is actually how fast you can get this job done at home.


Again, it doesn’t need to be in a work stand. I’m just doing this because it’s much easier for filming. You can do this on the floor, on your knees if you want too. Having a good quality work stand is not a silly idea though, they’re not massively expensive and they do last for years if you get the right one, so, again speak to us about a work stand if you are interested in one of those.


We are getting there. Just the last piece Again, you might just want to, as the rag starts to get more oily, you might just want to change the fold.


And that is the entire chain cleaned with the one step. Again, put the rag around the chain couple of rotations around just to clean the excess of the one step and to get the rest of the dirt and debris off there. But that is now the chain clean. Again, in this instance we’re going to use dry lube. The longer video explains the differences between wet lube and dry lube.


We’ll check the dry lube first of all on top of the chain, a couple of rotations of the crank.

And that is it. That is the chain cleaned, the jockey wheels cleaned and that is the rollers re-lubricated with dry lube. We can then just let that dry lube set on the chain for the next few hours and then the bike is going to be ready to ride.


So, we hope you enjoyed that refresher tutorial. We wanted to do it really fast in real time so you can see just how quickly after a ride you can just wipe the chain down, keep the jockey wheels clean, keep the chain clean, and keep the chain re-lubricated.


Thanks so much for watching, and please enjoy the rest of our videos. Thank you