Criterium Cycles | Service Centre
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Service Centre

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Servicing and our Workshop

It is really important you look after your bike and keep it well maintained. A regularly maintained and serviced bike is not only safer and more enjoyable to ride, it will also last longer and ensure your overall cost of ownership is as low as possible. No-one likes grinding gears and squeaky brakes, and regular effective maintenance and servicing ensures your bike is always at its very best.

We have set up our workshop up to be able to carry out pretty much any servicing or technical job that our customers might possibly want.

The Team

The heart of any workshop are the technicians who work in it. At Criterium Cycles, we are lucky to have some of the very best technicians around who are trained to industry leading standards and have many years of experience between them. Our technicians receive regular technical training from leading brands such as Trek, Bianchi, Shimano, Bosch, SRAM and Hope to ensure we maintain consistency, are always up to date with the latest technology and apply the very latest best practice standards.

The Equipment

We don’t cut corners at Criterium Cycles. We believe that only the very best tools and equipment should be used to service the bikes that we sell. So our workshop has

  • A complete Park Tools Master Mechanic Tool Set.
  • Rozone Parts Washer.
  • Shimano Di2 Diagnostics Kit.
  • Bosch eBike Diagnostics Kit.
  • Manufacturer specific frame service kits.

The Approach

We pride ourselves on doing a great job every time. To make sure we do that, we set ourselves some pretty exacting standards. We make sure the workshop is kept clean and tidy at all times. A messy workshop means a messy attitude as far as we are concerned.

Our Services

We have kept things really simple so as not to bamboozle anyone with bicycle technospeak because we know how irritating that can be. You can choose from one of our 3 easy to understand service packages or, if the job is a little more unusual technical, choose from our extensive menu of technical services. And of course you can mix and match to your hearts content by adding as many of the specialist jobs as you need to whichever of the packages you select.

The best bit though is our technicians are really approachable and won’t attempt to confuse you with technical language if all you want is to hear it in plain language. Of course, if you want to talk very technical, they will be delighted to do that too! So if you have any questions at all about any of the services we offer below, then please don’t hesitate to call us and we can chat through any aspect you wish.


Whenever any bike is booked in for one of the packages below, the first thing we will do on receiving the bike is assess it for condition and need. We will then provide you with a report and a full quotation of what we think needs doing to the bike so you know precisely, and up front, what the total cost of the service is going to be plus any parts that may be required.

We carry out this assessment irrespective of what service package the bike has been booked in for because we know through experience that owners do appreciate the peace of mind that comes from a trained technician having a look at their bike in detail. However, the Criterium commitment is that we will never start any task on your bike without checking with you first both that you are happy with what we are proposing as well as the cost to be incurred.

Bronze (from £35)

  • Inspect drivetrain and set up gears
  • Inspect Braking system and set up brakes
  • Inspect and Inflate tyres
  • Safety check all bolts and fittings

Silver (from £65)

  • Everything included in Bronze PLUS
  • Frame and forks checked and inspected for any damage
  • Remove and degrease chain and cassette
  • Clean and lubricate gear and brake cables
  • Spoke tension and true
  • Check operation and adjustment of hubs, headset and bottom bracket

Gold (from £120)

  • Everything included in Silver PLUS
  • Complete stripdown and degrease of all drivetrain components
  • Strip down, clean and service of all serviceable bearings
  • Bleed brakes (if hydraulic brakes are fitted)
  • Conduct DI2 gear firmware update (if DI2 system fitted)

Individual Jobs

The list of jobs we can carry out for you is almost endless but we have listed below the most popular jobs we get asked to do. However, any other individual jobs can be undertaken on a case by case basis and are charged at our standard labour rate of £40 per hour. Just call us on 0131 663 6220 and we’ll be happy to quote.

Accessory FittingFrom
Bottle Cage Fitting£5.00
Child Seat Fitting£20.00
Installation of Rack£10.00
Kickstand Fitting£5.00
Light Set Fitting£8.00
Lock Fitting£8.00
Mudguard Fitting Clip on£15.00
Mudguard Fitting Full Length£30.00
Pump Fitting£5.00
Bars, Stems & HeadsetsFrom
Adjust headset£5.00
Drop Bar Wrapping£15.00
Face headtube£40.00
Grip Fitting£5.00
Headset Fitting£25.00
Install MTB Handlebar£15.00
Install Road Handlebar£30.00
Bottom BracketFrom
Bottom Bracket Adjustment£5.00
Bottom Bracket Fitting£25.00
Face BB shell£40.00
Tap BB shell£40.00
Cable Disc Brake Adjusting£8.00
Cable Disc Brake Cable Replacement + Setup£15.00
Cable Disc Brake Pad Replacement + Setup£10.00
Disc Brake Mount Facing£20.00
Disc Brake Rotor Fitting£10.00
Hydraulic Brake Bleed + Fitting£30.00
Hydraulic Brake Bleeding£15.00
Hydraulic Brake Caliper Rebuild£30.00
Hydraulic Brake Hose Shortening£20.00
Hydraulic Disc Brake Pad Replacement + Setup£10.00
Rim Brake Adjusting£8.00
Rim Brake Cable Replacement + Setup£15.00
Rim Brake Caliper Re-Build£15.00
Rim Brake Fitting£15.00
Rim Brake Pad Replacement£10.00
Cassette Cleaning£15.00
Cassette Fitting£10.00
Chain Cleaning£15.00
Chain Fitting£10.00
Chainset Cleaning£25.00
Chainset Fitting£20.00
Computers and ElectronicsFrom
Computer Fitting + Setup£10.00
Di2 Firmware Update and Gear Set-up£20.00
Di2 Gear Function Customization and Set-up£20.00
Forks & SuspensionFrom
Fork Fitting£30.00
Fork Servicing£65.00
Shock Carriage + Fitting Charge£25.00
Shock Servicing (Air Can Only)£45.00
Suspension Setup (per shock or fork)£8.00
Bushing Replacement£15.00
Frame Linkage Rebuild£100.00
Hanger Replacement + Setup£20.00
Rear Suspension Linkage Inspection£20.00
Straighten and align rear dropouts£20.00
Gears & DerailleursFrom
Full Drivetrain Cleaning£40.00
Gear Adjustment (both)£15.00
Gear Adjustment (single)£8.00
Gear Cable Fitting External Routing£15.00
Gear Cable Fitting Internal Routing£20.00
Gear Service£40.00
Gear Shifter Fitting (single)£20.00
Install Front Derailleur£15.00
Install Rear Derailleur£15.00
Saddles & SeatpostsFrom
Dropper Seatpost Bleed£15.00
Dropper Seatpost Fitting£30.00
Installation of Saddle£10.00
Seat Post Fitting£10.00
Pedals & CleatsFrom
Cleat Fitting and Alignment£15.00
Cleat Replacement£8.00
Pedal Fitting£5.00
Wheels, Hubs & TyresFrom
Bearing Replacement£20.00
Freehub Service£20.00
Hub Bearing Replacement£20.00
Hub cone adjustement – front£10.00
Hub cone adjustement – rear£15.00
Spoke Replacement£20.00
Tube + Tyre Fitting£8.00
Tube + Tyre Fitting On Hub Gear£15.00
Tubeless Tyre Fitting£15.00
Wheel Building£40.00
Wheel Fitting£20.00
Wheel Truing + Tension£15.00
Other ServicesFrom
15 min Misc. Labour£10.00
Bike Clean£20.00
Insurance Estimate£25.00
MTB Full Build£130.00
Road Bike Full Build£130.00