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Precision Bike Fit

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Why Precision Bike Fit is important

In Sir Chris Hoy’s Foreword to Phil Burt’s superb book on Bike Fit (Bike Fit – Optimise your bike fit for High Performance and Injury Avoidance – Published by Bloomsbury), Sir Chris says how much he loves seeing so many people out on their bikes but that few things frustrate him more than seeing someone riding a poorly set up machine. We completely agree. We’ve lost count of the number of perfectly fit cyclists who have bought a lovely (and often expensive) bike but who haven’t been fitted correctly, been set up correctly or in some cases, not even had their cleats on their shoes fitted correctly. And as a result, they are sore, uncomfortable, increasingly unhappy and falling rapidly out of love with their expensive bike and the wonderful sport of cycling. That’s a terrible shame but the good news is it is completely avoidable.

Some websites contain a bewildering number of “measurement based” questions leading to the production of a fairly technical looking diagram with associated calculations. Does that mean they are better or more accurate? Sadly, the answer is “It depends”. What all of these computer based sizing models do is provide a good approximation of sizing. However, we are all different as human beings so maths alone won’t provide all the answers. Saddle height, bar height, lever rotation angle and stem length to name just 4 (there are many others) are all precise set up factors that need to be established through the process of you sitting on your bike with a trained precision bike fitter setting you up. Just because you have the same inseam measurement as someone else does not mean you have the same flexibility, the same shoulder width, the same arm length, the same trunk length and so on. Punching numbers into a website calculator doesn’t fine tune what you need to have fine-tuned.

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That is why Criterium Cycles is an authorized Trek Precision Fit centre with a fully trained Precision Fit technician who has attended Trek’s Precision Fit course and is fully certified.

During the Precision Fit consultation, our technician will make sure that all the macro and micro adjustments necessary are carried out to fit you to your bike to deliver optimal comfort and optimal performance. A Precision Bike Fit is best done at the time of purchasing your new Trek or Bianchi bike but it is still possible to have it done after you have purchased which means we can fit you on pretty much anything, whether Road or Mountain and whatever the make and model.

Check out our menu of Precision Bike Fitting options below and contact us in our Edinburgh store on 0131 663 6220 to arrange a consultation.

Criterium Level 1 Fit

Who is it for?

Recreational and club riders wishing to be dialled into their bike and optimised for power and comfort.

What does the Fit include?

We undertake a basic flexibility assessment of you off the bike and then carry out a static turbo trainer session, using the results of your flexibility assessment, to adjust the following:

  • Shoe and cleat assessment, including fore and aft adjustment and toe in / out adjustment
  • Saddle height for correct leg extension
  • Saddle rotation for correct pelvic position
  • Saddle fore and aft for correct knee over spindle position
  • Advice on bar width for correct shoulder width
  • Advice on stem length for correct centre of mass position
  • Adjustment of bar and hood rotation for correct forearm and wrist position
  • Adjustment of bar height for correct core balance and hand on bar pressure

What does it cost?

  • £149.00 (inclusive of 1 x post fit adjustment within 6 weeks of initial fit for fine tuning); or
  • £ Free of Charge with any store purchased bike over £1,000.00

Criterium Level 2 Fit

Who is it for?

Competitive cyclists wishing to be micro-dialled into their bike.

What does the Fit include?

We do everything included in the Criterium Level 1 Fit, PLUS

  • Detailed flexibility assessment on physio table including:
    • Left and right hip flexor flexibility
    • Left and right hamstring flexibility
    • Back flexibility
  • Pre bike fit bike measurements to enable detailed comparison with post bike fit bike measurements
  • Laser alignment for knee track and Q Line

What does it cost?

  • £229.00 (inclusive of 1 x post fit adjustment within 6 weeks of initial fit for fine tuning)
  • In addition, if you purchase the Criterium Level 2 Fit, we will undertake an additional Criterium Level 1 fit for 1 x winter / training bike for the discounted price of £99.00 as long as you purchase the additional Level 1 fit at the same time as your Level 2 fit.

Cleat Fit

What does the Cleat Fit include?

Correct fore and aft alignment

Correct toe in / toe alignment

What does it cost?

  • £25.00; or
  • £ Free of Charge for any customer who purchases new shoes and new cleats from Criterium Cycles


If you bring your own shoes for a cleat fit but on inspection it is clear they are the incorrect size for you, we will be unable to carry out a cleat alignment. However, we will be pleased to advise you on an appropriate pair of new shoes.