Classic. Timeless. And thoroughly Modern.


From the classic steel bikes of our youth, through aluminium, carbon and even more exotic variants, the road bike has remained a timeless design. Whether for Racing, perhaps the longer, less pressured Sportive or simply for pottering about at the weekend, there is a Road bike for everyone.

The Road. As long, winding and as challenging as you want it to be.

The Criterium Cycles approach to buying your perfect road bike

Step 1 – Identify strengths and weaknesses

All road bike manufacturers design and build bikes to allow a rider to focus on their main discipline whether it be climbing, faster on the flats or sustained endurance. At Criterium, we ask riders to focus and explain their cycling weaknesses, not their strengths. For example, if you are already leaving your cycling buddies behind on the climbs but you are being left behind on the flats, then we need to focus on selecting a bike that will enable you to build and enhance your flat speed without detriment to your already accomplished climbing.

Step 2 – Time & Distance

Working in conjunction with Step 1, time and distance in the saddle also affects the type of geometry and style of road bike to suit you. For example, a triathlete who is covering sprint and standard distance events may only be in the saddle for around an hour. In this time, the body is not going to fatigue to the same level as an Audax rider who may be in the saddle for 12 – 16 hours. This is where manufacturers build specific bikes for outright speed, aerodynamics and performance and endurance bikes that are designed to hold lower average speeds over sustained periods of time.

Criterium Cycles Specialisms Road - Body Types

Step 3 – Who are you?

This is the step where we focus solely on you.  We ask the following important questions:

What is your body shape?

What are your body proportions?

How long have you been cycling?

What are your goals and aspirations?

All of these questions will help establish what type of bike, geometry of bike and manufacturer of bike will fit your body and needs the best.

Step 4 – Budget

The legendary Keith Bontrager summed up the issue of budget perfectly.


Quality, light, cheap – Pick two.


The Criterium Way is not to get you to spend the maximum amount of money. Rather, our focus is on making sure that what you do buy meets your needs and, importantly, your expectations in every respect. There are plenty of bike suppliers and manufacturers who make acceptable bikes but their primary weapon is price and components. That is not our approach. We start with the frame and your needs, which is why we only partners with brands who share the same heritage and core philosophy. Buy from Criterium Cycles and whatever your budget, you are getting something that is focused on you and only you.

Criterium Cycles Specialisms Road - Step 4 - Budget

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