Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Criterium Cycles?

Criterium Cycles is located at Dobbies Garden World, Melville Nurseries near Dalkeith. We’re in the Retail Village at the Dobbies site so just come through the main entrance to the garden centre and follow the signs out to the Retail Village. The staff at Dobbies are always really helpful in giving directions too.


Dobbies Garden World is located just off the junction of the A720 City Bypass Road and Sheriffhall roundabout. Plus we have 700 free car parking spaces so you’ll always be able to park without fear of the dreaded ticket in central Edinburgh.

Do you just have one store?

Yes, at the moment we just have our flagship store at Dobbies. That’s not to say we don’t more in the future but we also believe that the best possible customer service comes from the best staff and personal engagement. it’s very hard to replicate that as so many other businesses have found in the past. .So at the moment, we prefer to look after our customers in the way we know how.

Can I buy anything from you online?

Not at the moment unfortunately. We did try out an online store for a while but as much fun as it was to give it a go, it was also virtually impossible to be competitive and still be financially sustainable. So instead, we have concluded it’s better to let those that wish to discount get on with it. Instead, we’ll focus on the kind of personal service we can only provide in our store and for which we have become well known.

Why do you only sell Trek and Bianchi bikes?

We started out with Trek bikes 5 years ago and it’s the best decision we ever made. Trek make superb products, they cover the whole spectrum of different kinds of bikes and riding styles, their stock levels are always great and their after care back up and warranty support second to none. We have a relatively small store too so by focusing initially on one main brand allowed us to stock a comprehensive range / set of sizes despite our size.


We have subsequently added Bianchi to the line up and again, it’s been a wonderful decision. The famous Italian marque make superb bikes, their commitment to R&D is outstanding, the  products are wonderfully manufactured with a real personal touch and the heritage speaks for itself. They are really complementary to Trek and our customers love them.


We’re really pleased with the balance that Trek and Bianchi gives us and plus now we have started to do the occasional custom build as well so really, there is no constraint in what you can have. Whatever your desires, your riding style, your experience or your budget, we have the perfect bike for you. Guaranteed.

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