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Welcome to a whole new world of cycling.


The modern EBike is a far cry from just a few years ago. Powerful motors, long range batteries, outstanding reliability and sleek design. All combine to create a package that will have you exploring places and rides you never thought possible. We have plenty of leisure bikes for those whose want their power to be au naturel.

The modern E Bike is eternal youth on two wheels.
Criterium Cycles Specialisms EBike & Leisure - Verve City Bike by Lake Geneva

Surely it’s cheating?

This is by far the most common cry when one starts talking e-bikes. Yet nothing could be further than the truth (unless of course you are trying to smuggle a hidden motor into your Tour de France bike then we agree that is cheating!) No, e-bikes open a brand new set of opportunities for everyone. For those who want to keep up with their younger friends or family, they are a great leveller. For those looking to still enjoy the wonderful feeling of being out riding the highways and byways but with assistance on hills that had perhaps become a little daunting, they are rejuvenating. And for those who perhaps once cycled in their youth and are now looking at options for enhanced personal mobility, they are a genuine option to be considered.

The technology comes of age

Not that long ago, Ebikes were heavy, lumbering things with temperamental hub motors, batteries the size of a house brick mounted high up (thus making the bike unstable) with a range that would get you to the local corner shop (but not back). In 2018, the world could hardly be more different. We now see super reliable motors usually mounted in the cranks by the pedals, high capacity batteries integrated into a sleek design often on the downtube, and huge strides in terms of range, power, reliability and user control.


So if you are worried you are buying into an emerging technology, then worry no more. The modern Ebike has come of age and it’s an accomplished bit of kit.

Choosing the right bike

Despite the generally huge strides made in recent years, not all Ebikes are created equally. At Criterium Cycles, we stock bikes with Bosch, Shimano and Polini motors and systems. These are big companies with impressive R&D resources and the ability to provide comprehensive back up programmes. Criterium Cycles technicians have been on the relevant training courses to be able to maintain these machines and we keep up to date with developments as and when they take place.


You may pay a little more when you invest in a Trek or Bianchi Ebike – we accept there are cheaper models brands on the market – but for genuine peace of mind and the confidence of technology that is mature, precision engineered and supported to world class back up, it’s worth that little extra.

A wide choice

Just as with non powered bikes, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether E-Mountain Bikes, E-Road Bikes, E-Commuters or more general E-Leisure and Hybrids we have the bike for you. And if you are wondering whether anyone really thinks an E-Road bike makes sense, check out our blog on the Bianchi E-Road (pictured here). This wonderful bike had its rider grinning from ear to ear (and he still is). A true game changer if every there was one.

Criterium Cycles Specialisms EBike & Leisure Motohome on beach

Freedom on the open road

We sell a good number of EBikes to motorhome and caravan owners. They love the simplicity, the feeling of freedom, the surge of power that makes the hills disappear and that lovely feeling when you get back to base that you’ve done some decent exercise without over exerting yourself. That’s just one of the many popular uses for EBikes. There are plenty more so why not pop in and see us – we aways keep a comprehensive stock of EBikes so you can see for yourself what so many people are excited about.

And for the Traditionalist

As popular as EBikes have become (and for good reason), some customers just want a more traditional unpowered leisure bike. The good news is that you are fully catered for as well. Criterium Cycles stocks a wide range of various styles of leisure and commuting bikes including hybrids, cruisers and hardtail mountain bikes (which are particularly useful on terrain such as canal towpaths and more challenging country lanes). The key as with all bikes is to make sure we are able to discuss your riding style and objectives and then make sure you are on absolutely the right bike for your needs. That’s the Criterium Way.


So whatever your needs and desires, there’s a wide range of EBikes and more traditional leisure bikes to look at and try out. Cycling will never have felt this good!

Criterium Cycles Specialisms EBike & Leisure Verve (nonE) outside house

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