World Leading Brands at Criterium Cycles

At Criterium we are passionate about good quality products and great customer service. We carefully select brands to work with who share our approach. All of the brands you see in-store have been tried and tested by all of our staff. We love to use their products and if we like them, then we’re sure you will too.


Below are a small selection of the brand names that you can find in-store at Criterium Cycles.

Trek Bicycle Logo
Trek Bikes have been the staple of Criterium Cycles ever since the store opened way back in March 2013. Always at the cutting edge of technology Trek have been pioneering different designs of bike since the 1976. With a bike to suit just about every type of rider and style of riding imaginable there is something for everyone in the Trek range. Despite growing to become one of the worlds largest producers of bikes the company has retained it’s base in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and remains family owned to this day.

Bontrager have been producing the finest cycle parts since 1980. Named after it’s founder Keith Bontrager, the company started out making wheels and frames before expanding into parts, accessories and clothing. At Criterium we stock a comprehensive number of products from right across the Bontrager range, including the jaw dropping Aeolus road bike wheelsets.

Bianchi are one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world with a heritage that most brands can only dream of! Founded in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi,  the company has been making bicycles for over 130 years. What is even more remarkable is they have been in continuous production since then, surviving two World Wars in the process. However heritage means nothing if the current product isn’t up to modern standards. Bianchi believe that the heart of the bike is the frame and they are constantly innovating and investing in new technologies to ensure that their bikes are the best in the world. Finally who can talk about Bianchi without mentioning their trademark “Celeste” paint colour. Pronounced “che-lest-ay” the colour has been used on Bianchi’s bikes for over a century and is synonymous with the brand, featuring on almost all their products.
Frog Bikes are a family owned and run company based in Cardiff. The founders, Jerry and Shelley, are a couple who have 2 small children of their own – both keen cyclists. So they know something about what motivates children to get on their bikes! Frog are dedicated to making cycling fun for children and specialize only in children’s bikes and accessories. Frog believe that a lighter bike, the easier it is for children to learn to ride, and therefore enjoy riding more. Frog produce their bikes in a far greater range and number of sizes than most other manufacturers. This allows us to get your child onto the biggest bike that fits. Not only will this make it easier to ride, the bike will also last longer before your child “out-grow’s” the usable range of adjustment in the bike. Finally they make each of their bikes in a range of colours, including many gender neutral designs. So, if their is a younger sibling to hand the bike onto you can get a bike that will suit both boys and girls.
Gore Bike Wear have been designing and making cycle clothing since 1985. They are part of W.L Gore, the company that invented the world leading Gore-Tex and Windstopper membranes. Gore Bike Wear products are designed to last, putting function over fashion. In-fact, some of our staff members have Gore Bike Wear garments that are over 10 years old that are still going strong! What we particularly like about Gore products is their attention to detail, extensive development and testing. This show’s in the performance of their products. You can have the best bike in the world, but if you yourself are too hot/cold, wet, and uncomfortable then you will have a miserable experience on the bike!
Kask helmets are all designed and made in Italy. Kask started out in 2004, and strive to achieve excellence not only in safety, but also in ergonomics, functionality and attractive design. We really like the easily adjustable “Up and Down Fit System” that is used on many of their helmets which makes them mega easy to adjust and comfortable in use. It also makes their helmets work better with pony-tails according to our female customers too! The massive range of colours they produce all their helmets in makes it easy to colour co-ordinate with the rest of your kit, and the leather chin-straps on certain models add a touch of luxury.
Torq Fitness started life as a consultancy and they developed their own line of performance nutrition products to best support the athletes they were working with. Torq has now become a market leader in sports nutrition, and they stick with a research driven philosophy rather than following the latest trends. All Torq products are free from any artificial flavours, colours or sweetners and they work to give the finest natural flavours possible in sports nutrition. Rhubarb Crumble and Raspberry Ripple flavour energy gels in particular are most popular with our staff and existing customers!
Restrap is a British, family run business that specializes in hand made bags and accessories for the cycle market. All of their bags are designed and made in their factory in Yorkshire. Restrap have a style all of their own combining modern fabrics with tried and tested manufacturing techniques and a touch of retro design inspiration thrown in for good measure. Plus you can have any colour so long as it is black!
Exposure Lights are designed and built in the UK. The high quality of the optics on their lights means the light goes directly where you want it giving you a brighter and more efficient light. The alloy casings used on their lights gives durability and a premium feel. Exposure are always striving to improve their products and have been first to market with an array of ground breaking tech over the years. For example helmet mounted lights that can be activated by just tapping the casing. No more fumbling trying to find buttons with gloved hands! They are also one of the first companies to recognize the different lighting needs of mtb and road riders and have many products in their range that are optimized for their individual application, including the excellent Strada range of high output road bike lights. Check out the range in-store.