Adventure & Gravel

Break with Routine. Life is an adventure.


The open road or maybe no road at all. The wind in your hair and that feeling of absolute freedom. Whether you are trekking in deepest Africa or hitting the gravel trails of the Scottish borders, we have a bike to suit your needs.

Don't be ordinary. There's a world waiting to be explored.

Drop handle bar gravel bikes

Just like the latest generation of the best Sports Utility Vehicles (“SUV’s”) the car industry has to offer, so too has the bike industry ploughed a huge amount of time and R&D to develop the latest breed of gravel bike. It’s fair to say that like the SUV, a gravel bike does no job exclusively, but covers a huge range of disciplines very well indeed. If you only have room for one bike in your life, then this is it.

Frame and fork clearance for large volume tyres

Various frame mounts for fitted accessories e.g. mudguards and panniers

Endurance geometry for all day comfort

Lightweight yet durable design

Adventure Mountain Bikes

A gravel bike is great for well built track and trails. However, if you’re more the wilderness kind of rider, looking to go places very much off the beaten track then you need an adventure mountain bike. Specifically designed adventure mountain bikes are simple! Rarely will they have any suspension but will roll easily on big volume wheels and tyres. These bikes will tend to have racks either specifically designed and installed for the bike or have all the necessary mounting points for after market accessories.

Light yet burly frames for more punishing terrain

Loads of mounting points for self sufficient adventures

Very low range gearing for hauling you up technical ascents

Where it can go is limited only by your imagination!

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