A new bike for my birthday

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Aug 30 2018

A new bike for my birthday

by Charlie Bowker (Aged 11)

For my birthday, I received the coolest present – a Trek Domane AL2. I am going to tell you why I think it is the perfect first road bike to buy.


The styling of the bike is very good using a matte and gloss paint format. The colours work well together so it is a really nice bike to look at. Being a Trek bike, the frame is really well made. The handle bars have loads of grip which makes it easier to turn as well control the the bike when going downhill at super fast speeds! Overall, I think the bike is extremely well made with an eyecatching design.

Criterium Cycles Charlie's new bike Trek Domane AL2 - Action shot riding

Proud new owner of a Trek Domane AL2

Performance and handling

Overall, I found the Trek Domane Al 2 performed superbly well. It’s an aluminium bike (with carbon forks) so it’s not as light as Dad’s carbon bike but it’s still great on uphills and really quick on the downhill.  At no time did I feel the bike was tricky to handle. My bike is a 50cm frame which is perhaps a little big for me at the moment but soon won’t be – but apart from having to lean forward quite a bit when in the drops, I hardly noticed.

My First Ride

My first ride was around Alton Towers in Staffordshire. It was relatively flat though there were a few hills. And having to climb does mean there is going to be some fun downhill as well! At first, I found the handling quite light compared to my mountain bike. But I quickly got used to that. Our ride started on a shallow uphill, but the Domane made it feel like it was flat. When we reached the first big downhill, I moved into the drops and shifted into the highest gear. I felt like Chris Froome, even though I suspect I was descending at the speed he cruises on the flat. The ride was great fun and I can’t wait to get back out again on the bike as soon as possible!

Criterium Cycles Charlie's new bike Trek Domane AL2 - Action shot riding

Charlie getting used to his new Trek Domane AL2

Overall, I think the Trek Domane AL2 is going to be perfect as a training bike for and building my confidence and experience. However, I think it could easily compete in a competition which I am hoping to do before too long! It is an amazing bike and is perfect for me! It would definitely recommend the Trek Domane AL2 as a first road bike.

A word from Dad……

As Charlie mentions above, we selected a 50cm frame even though an in seam measurement suggested something a couple of cm smaller. However, at 11 years old, Charlie is growing at a rate of knots and he’ll soon fit perfectly. This way, he’ll get plenty of use out of the bike before it’s time to upgrade. However, we partly made this decision because of Charlie’s overall body shape and composition so it is always worth checking with us for the most appropriate sizing advice if you are considering buying a road bike for your child. At £595, the Trek Domane AL2 offers outstanding value for money. As Charlie is finding, it’s a really comfortable and easy bike to ride and perfect as a first road bike for boy or girl.

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