Exclusive interview with Tracy Moseley

Criterium Cycles Tracy Moseley and her Trek Factory Racing Slash 9.9 RSL
Nov 13 2016

Exclusive interview with Tracy Moseley

Come and meet Tracy Moseley at Dalkeith Country Park on 20th November 2016. Tracy will be at the Restoration Yard from 10.00 – 13.00 to meet and chat with fans. 

Many people dream of one day being crowned World Champion in their chosen discipline but only a tiny percentage go on to achieve it. An even smaller percentage, only truly elite athletes, go on to repeat the achievement multiple times.


One such rare talent is Tracy Moseley, triple World Enduro Champion Mountain Biker, World Downhill Champion and seven times British National Champion to name just a few. Not only that, she is still very much at the top of her game and still as fast as ever.


2016 – an eventful year!

2016 has been another eventful year for Tracy, culminating in her recently getting married to James. Judging by the photos appearing regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, life is not going to be slowing down anytime soon with trips all over the world promoting mountain biking, her sponsors and her own developing business interests.


We are absolutely delighted that Tracy has found time out of her manic schedule to visit Criterium Cycles on the 20th November. Tracy will opening the Criterium Cycles Hire Centre at Dalkeith Country Park and then spending time at the Park (in the Restoration Yard) meeting fans and members of the public. Ahead of her visit, Tracy kindly gave Criterium Cycles an exclusive interview reflecting on her career as a world class mountain biker, as well as offering tips for anyone thinking of getting involved in the sport.


Exclusive Interview with Tracy

Criterium Cycles – Can you remember your first ever ride on a mountain bike? Where was it and what do you particularly remember?


Tracy – My first MTB ride would have been at home on the farm I grew up on, riding with my brother in the woods on a bike that was far too big for me with the saddle slammed to the frame and riding some crazy steep chutes that I would now look at twice even with a dropper seat post


Criterium Cycles – In the years that you have been a professional racer, what would you say have been the most significant changes in the sport that you have witnessed?


Tracy – Mountain Bike Racing in the last 20yrs has changed massively in many ways, most noticeably in the development of bikes, suspension and the clothing and equipment we use. I remember racing Downhill at my first race on a XC hardtail bike with no knee pads and an XC helmet. Now I’m riding a trail bike with full suspension and disc brakes plus I’m wearing a quality helmet and knee pads. It’s moved on so much in a very positive way.


Criterium Cycles You have been at the very top of the sport for a long time. What is the secret?


Tracy – It’s all about enjoying what you do and having a strong work ethic. I try to keep it fun, plus you should always want to improve yourself and look after yourself in terms of nutrition, injuries and rest.


Criterium CyclesIn our stores, one of the hottest topics is wheel size. You have ridden (and won repeatedly) on a 29er. Yet still some say “650b for Enduro”. Why have you gone 29er and is it really that much better? 


Tracy – I think the wheel size debate will be around forever as I still believe its a personal preference and depends on your riding style and what you want to do on that bike. For me, I want to go fast and win races. I don’t have a very flamboyant aggressive style so I am generally smooth and try to carry speed well. For me, I feel that the 29er is the best machine to go fast and win races. It may not be the most fun and dynamic to jump and play on, but it’s certainly a speed machine !


Criterium CyclesAt Criterium Cycles, we are very proud to stock Trek Bikes which we think are amongst the very best in the world. You have ridden them for a while now so why do you think Trek are so good?


Tracy – I think that Trek are always working on the next project and have an amazing team of engineers and very clever people and riders who they constantly work with to push the boundaries of design and ideas. So there is always something new and improved coming out of the factory and it’s such a cool thing to be involved in developing and then riding some of the best machines possible.


Criterium CyclesWhat is the most memorable race you have participated in and where in the world do they have the best fans and the best atmosphere?


Tracy – Racing at home in the UK has always been the best experience for me. When I raced at the Fort William World Cup it was so special as the noise of the crowd cheering me on was incredible. I also recently had the same amazing feeling at the Enduro World Series race in May this year in Ireland. The crowd were so noisy it was almost a bit scary as I was riding through a wall of people and sound that was really deafening. An incredible experience! 


Criterium CyclesWhat one piece of advice would you give to a young person looking to get involved in Mountain Bike Racing?


Tracy – Don’t just stick to one discipline. Have a go at XC, DH,  Enduro, anything you can on try on two wheels ! Play on your bike, ride with different people and challenge yourself along the way! 

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