Bianchi Jab 27.1 +

Criterium Cycles Bianchi Jab 27.1 Plus Main Image
Aug 08 2016

Bianchi Jab 27.1 +

by William Bowker, Aged 11

My face lit up when I saw my first Bianchi bike, a Jab 27.1 Plus bike. The matt, acid green paint and huge 2.8” wide tyres were really dramatic . The rockshox suspension instantly caught my eye, along with the Remote lockout system, something I have not used before. Of course, there were those outlandishly big tyres. This bike is a massive upgrade from my previous (and very good) bike, the Trek Marlin 5. I absolutely can’t wait to use it.


Criterium Cycles Bianchi Jab 27.1 Plus First Ride

Will and his Bianchi Jab 27.1 Plus – first Ride


The Jab really looks the part and according to reviews I have already seen, rides as well as it looks. At first glance, the bike is beautiful (in a shouty sort of way!) and will be the perfect bike to take to dirt school at Glentress next week! Although I have not yet ridden the bike, I’m guessing it will grip a trail like a monster-truck! I just can’t wait to get out on the trails. I intend to be on it a lot!


First Ride

I’ve ridden plenty of bikes before, so I thought I was prepared but I wasn’t. First of all, the bike’s set up is relaxed  making it easy to pedal, but at the same time it is mind-bogglingly fast. The huge 2.8” wide tyres roll over anything and everything and provide ample amounts of grip. The combination of silky smooth gears loads of speed and you have a winner!


On my very first ride out I tackled every possible obstacle in our fields.  The Bianchi Jab 27.1 cleared them all. And yet despite being high-performance, it is also very stylish, with matt paint, internal cable routing, really excellent build quality and a rockshox fork. This bike is also very light, indeed a whole 2 kilos lighter than my previous bike. This makes it agile, and paired with its brilliant tyres and with its speed, I think it is going to be unstoppable on a trail.


Next week, I am going to Glentress in Scotland to attend Dirt School with my brother. I can’t wait to try out the Bianchi Jab 27.1 Plus at Dirt School and I will be writing another blog after that!

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